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Belen [userpic]

he has the most beautiful eyes i've ever seen

November 2nd, 2010 (12:41 am)
current mood: crushin'


he's my favorite. :)

Belen [userpic]

"i had a dream that i was your neighbor.."

October 26th, 2010 (04:34 pm)

current location: school comp. lab.
current mood: contemplative
current song: infinite arms by band of horses.. it's so pretty.

i'm supposed to be studying for my textile products class, in which i am having an exam on thursday, but i just can't seem to get into the subject..

i feel like i've been really blessed lately. i think my senior year in college has been my best one so far. in high school i think it was too. maybe it was the knowledge of the imminent change: graduation, and then a new life.

i'm really happy with the people that i've come to know in san marcos, and it's surprising to know that most of them are of my faith. i had NEVER had friends in the church before like i do now. it seems like that's all the friends that i have now, and this is so new to me. usually in the past i didn't get along very well with the people from church. that's all they were to me, and i'm not sure i could call them friends. but ever since i have moved here to san marcos and attended tsu, i've been surrounded by really good people that bring me up.

i have missed my brother a lot while he's been on his mission and i am so excited that he's finally coming home, in less than a month! i wonder how much he's changed. will he look very different? probably not. but he's going to be a different person, in a good way. i look forward to the thanksgiving dinner we will be having at my parents' house mainly as a welcome home party for my brother. i really consider him my best friend. sometimes i get down on myself when i think that i don't have a best friend. i used to, all the time, but now i don't. i have close friends, but not someone who automatically pops into my head when i think of a "best friend". isn't everyone supposed to have one? but i've realized that joseph always has been. i was closer to him than any other siblings. i remember that we moved schools a lot, and so we would always have each other.

my oldest brother is getting married in march. at least i think (and hope) that he is. he's been having some problems/miscommunications with his fiancee and i've been encouraging him to talk to her about it. he seems to just want to call it quits because things get difficult. but isn't that what he's committing to do when he gets married? you have to work things out if you're serious, you can't just walk away. maybe this will be practice for them for the future. i really hope this works out for them, i think they make a good couple and i know they care about each other.

i've already registered for my last full semester of school and i'm so excited! after this spring semester i'm doing my internship and then.. starting my career. that seems scary. and exciting. time is going to fly faster than i can measure to that last day of school.

i'm on my way now to a dinner with some old co-workers. i could have just skipped that and instead gone to the gym like i wanted to, but i'm making an exception. it'll be good to see them again.

until next time, my friends.

Belen [userpic]

it feels like fall today!

September 27th, 2010 (11:57 am)

current location: Texas State Library
current mood: thoughtful
current song: Contra by Vampire Weekend

last evening it was so cool, and thankfully it is still cold today. i love cold weather!
i've been studying for my business law test which i have on wednesday. i really like the subject but it can sometimes get confusing with all the legal jargon and getting the laws straight. what is legal/illegal and what are the steps of litigation? there are a ton.

besides school, i've been working at Claire's at the outlet malls in san marcos, and i've liked it ok so far. i used to work for this same company a few years ago, and when i was looking for another job this is the first one that i found. i really wish i didn't have to work though.. after being laid off from my previous employment i was without a job for a whole week and it was so lovely. i've been working nonstop since i was 17. i've always had to pay for something. i guess that is life.

i am excited about ACL coming up pretty soon, i haven't been in years. i am going to go with my brother's fiancee, and i am pretty excited to get to know her, i've never even met her before! but she seems really cool and she has good taste in music, always a plus! i'm really happy for my brother in finding 'the one'. when my little brother comes back from his mission in two months i hope he doesn't jump into dating and marrying someone right away. i hope he takes his time, there is no rush! i have told him this, and hopefully he will heed my advice.

i've still managed to make time for reading even though i have been so busy with school and studying, and of course work. i always seem to have to have a book to read on the side, something that i can escape to and enjoy for a while. so far i have read a trilogy (i'm almost done with the last book), name Poison Study, Magic Study and Fire Study. excellent series if anyone wants something good to read. also, i am about to start on the last book of the Hunger Games trilogy. the last book is called Mockingjay, and i'm picking it up tomorrow. those books are so good i usually read them in about 2 days each.

i am going to Waterloo on Friday with some friends to go music shopping. i want to get the latest Tegan and Sara cd, i've heard some stuff on it and i really liked it. i also want to get the new Arcade Fire and the latest MIA cd, even though i hear it's not as good as her last album. but i'll give it a try. i wish i had more money for cds! i've got a new Ipod with 160 GB, and i've only used a sliver of the memory available. i could probably put movies in there if i wanted to, that's probably why people get it. but i'm still not sure about that.. speaking of Apple products, my laptop is still not fully functional. i have taken it to the apple store 5 times in attempts to figure out what the problem is with it. it just won't charge. if it does, it's very slow and stops charging after a while. i've done all i can in regards to repair and replacing the batter, to no avail. i don't think i'll go back to the store because i really don't know what else can be done. it seems they have tried their best, and thankfully they didn't charge me. but next time i am not so sure that i would buy another Apple computer, it seems like they have a lot of problems. but i guess that's with a lot of products, not just macs.

as an afterthought i thought i'd mention something that i've been thinking about this week. actually, nevermind, it's too long of a story and kind of pointless.

i'll try to update more often in hopes that others will too. :-) have a great week, everyone!


Belen [userpic]

(no subject)

June 27th, 2010 (02:56 pm)

update, update..

recently i've been watching vampire diaries, and i think that Damon Salvatore is way hot!

why are vampires so enticing? idk.

heidi morrison is the person that introduced me to the show. we have many things in common besides politics. she's extremely conservative and i would say i'm moderately liberal. we know not to talk politics with each other. it's gotten heated in the past, and i find myself looking at a person differently because of their political views, and i don't think that's right. i've got a lot of friends that are really conservative, especially in church of course. i don't understand it though. i think being and voting Democratic is more aligned with my Christian beliefs, but of course really conservative Republicans think the same of their political party.

anyway, enough about politics! ;)
my cousin has moved in to our house (my parents' house), and she will be staying with us for a couple of months with her two little girls and her boyfriend. she's being deported, and she's wanting to get away from a difficult and dangerous situation at her previous residence in Oklahoma. She's been here for a week, and it's so odd to have a new family under one roof. I'm hardly ever home because of work, school and church, but when I do go to bed I can hear her baby crying, or her whispering to her bf. it's just different to the way it was before. i was the only one there besides my parents. kind of like being an only child i guess. i did miss my brothers though. but i guess we're just at that age when we're going our own separate ways. growing up.

in less than a month i will be going to my friend's wedding in Seattle. She was the last person in our group of friends that I would've thought would get married so soon. she was my roommate in los angeles, and she was always so critical of guys. i thought she was way too picky, but i'm so glad for her that she has found 'the one'. and she's so young! 24. ok maybe that's not too young.. i just feel ancient now.

i'm not sure why i am in an evaluative mood, but i have been looking back at the last couple of years and trying to come to terms with my decisions thus far. i'm happy that i'm almost done with school.

**(posted months after this was originally written)

Belen [userpic]

(no subject)

January 5th, 2010 (11:40 pm)

current mood: thankful
current song: Brothers On A Hotel Bed by Death Cab for Cutie

i talked to my friend rachel today for a long while.. i miss her so much.

we talked about some things that are passed. it was good to remember so many things. we used to be together 24/7, now i haven't seen her in years...

today was a good day. i finally had time for myself, time to catch up on things and so on. i visited my sister in law, ana, and my nephew. i'm fixing up some curtains for her, so i stayed for a few hours to keep her company, then my brother made it home and fixed us some burgers. they are doing well. i'm glad that they got married and that they have each other.

i'm also thankful for seeing the light at the end of the tunnel in terms with school. 3 more semesters and it's all done. then my internship, which is mandatory for graduation, then my job// career. i'm kind of nervous about that. what if i don't like my job? what if i can't afford to pay my loans back? i'm afraid.

while i go visit rachel in seattle in may for her wedding, i'm going to explore all of the areas around there. i wanted to make it to vancouver but i won't have a passport to cross over to canada. dang it!! and i've been really wanting to go for quite a while.. i may also be going with some family back to mexico in july for a family celebration, and this time i want to go all the way down to Palenque, Chiapas and see the Mayan ruins. i've never been that far south. then in November I want to go back to Salt Lake City to welcome my little brother back from his mission in mexico. i've missed him terribly. i can't wait for him to be back. so many things i want to do. ideally i could do them all...

Belen [userpic]

little ditty...

December 25th, 2009 (11:50 pm)

i'm pretty tired and i have to wake up early for work, but i wanted to post something.
i've been neglecting journal entries to the max lately. or more than just lately.

i watched '4 christmases' with javi, ana and pep today, it was cute. i've noticed the same theme in a lot of the christmas movies i've watched. if you end up as a career man/woman in a big city with no family and no spouse, you will be miserable and wish that you could change something in your past so you wouldn't have ended up such a cold-hearted grinch.

i wonder that about myself at times though. how can you know if you are making the right decisions? it's terrifying to think that the decisions you make now will affect you later in life. what if you feel differently in the future and do have those moments of 'what if?' .. terrifying.

but i guess i've always made decisions that i think are best for the long run, regardless of the present situation. if i didn't have this mentality, i wouldn't be going to school and just be out having fun. but i don't think life should be that way. we have to be responsible and think of the long-run. at least that's what i'm trying to do.

i was just remembering today as i was driving, a few christmases ago when i was in northern california with my sister, and she left a few days later. i was left alone in my apt. and bored out of my mind because all of my roommates and friends were gone. i only had one friend in town, and we went to a new years eve party. i was so glad that she had stayed in town, it made me feel considerably less alone. i wonder if people know how much impact they've had in your life at certain times. i wonder if she knows.

Belen [userpic]

just another tuesday

November 10th, 2009 (05:21 pm)

current location: libreria
current mood: tired
current song: pandora- santogold station

i decided to post something since i am waiting for my friend rebecca to meet me here in the campus library. i am so sleepy. i had 2 exams today and a few projects coming up. regina spektor tomorrow yay! she's one of my favorites. i don't go to shows as frequently as i would like, but she was one that i must see. i would also love to see the arctic monkeys someday, they seem like really good performers.

what's new? hmmm well nothing really. just the usual school/homework/projects/work/church/etcetc/

i have recurring dreams that i'm visiting los angeles, and i always get lost. but somehow by the end of the dream i find my friend's apartment again and she usually bails on me and leaves me stranded somewhere in the city. that is so odd. i wonder if this dream has any meaning... not that i believe that dreams have meanings, i don't think they do until you assign a meaning. kind of like your horoscope or a fortune cookie.

still waiting..

Belen [userpic]

well since everyone else is updating...

August 20th, 2009 (07:23 pm)

current location: work
current mood: blah
current song: radio

i haven't been updating on here for a long time now. partially due to the fact that my laptop is broken. but hopefully it will be fixed. for now i just have to share computers. i also like posting pictures, but lately i haven't really taken any aside from a few special occasions. plus it's really time consuming.

school starts next week, and i think i can say that i'm ready for it. this whole summer has been nothing but work, with the exception of a trip to nyc in May that was much too short. I wish i could've stayed longer or that i could've been able to visit other places and people as well.

my nephew Javier Thomas, Jr. was also born this summer, and he's a really good baby. i've taken care of him a few times, and he hardly cries, just sleeps all the time. i hardly ever have time to hang out with my brother Javi or Ana, which i wish i did. at least to watch t.v. or movies, we always enjoy each others' company. my little brother Joseph is still on his mission from my church in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico. He's been gone since November. I can't believe it's almost been a year! He'll be back November 2010. I've missed him a lot. usually when there's stuff going on that i wish he could be a part of. But he'll be back soon enough! :)

hmmm what else this summer? oh yes, i have become another obsessed fan of the Twilight Series. great. i really didn't want to read the books or see the movies at all at first because i figured it was all hype. but i finally watched the movie after several months, and i thought it was ok. (didn't like the main actress at all, she was pretty horrible). then, upon the insistence of my wonderful girlfriends, i picked up the books, and the rest is history. honestly, the writing can be really slow and the author uses phrases repetitively. what i really love though, is the love story. add a gorgeous mysterious vampire and werewolves, and there you go. i could go on about what i like/disliked, but i'll reserve those comments for someone who is as obsessed as i am now. :) good thing i can nerd out for hours with my friends about the series, or else i would have to annoy someone who couldn't care less about sparkly vampires.

in other news, my friend Rachel Ling is getting married in May in Seattle, where she is going to school now. we were roommates in los angeles when we both attended fidm. she was the one in the group who pretty much hated guys and expected the worst from them, but she is the first one from all of us to get married. go fig! i'm really happy that she's found 'the one', and i'll be flying over to seattle when the time comes for the wedding. it seems like so many of my friends have been getting hitched. just this last weekend two of my friends got married, and there have been 3 other couples that i know that have tied the knot this year. i guess it's that age where people get married?? i have no idea. i'm feeling closer to the way my friend rachel did a few years ago...

i'll post some more pictures when i finally get the chance to upload them (download them?) to my computer once it's fixed. have i mentioned how much i hate paying for overpriced textbooks?


Belen [userpic]

Sunday April 27th 2009

April 26th, 2009 (07:45 pm)

current location: home
current mood: lazy
current song: yeah yeah yeahs- It's Blitz!

I was in Austin an unexpectedly long period of time this weekend, but i'm glad that i was able to spend time with Raquel and Julian. i've got more pictures and stuff, but i'm way too lazy to post any right now.

so there is a swine flu epidemic that's kind of freaking me out going on right now, there's even cases here in the US now! and my brother joseph is in mexico... i hope this does not spread any further.

two more weeks of school, then it's over. i need a better job, fast. i don't know what i'm going to do for spending money for my trip to nyc next month!! and i also need to be planning to move to san marcos, since i want to move down there by August at the latest. i really hope that the financial situation with my family gets better soon.

i had a really bad date last week, and i'm hoping that things will get better. i don't know why i seem to attract guys that i don't like.

Santogold is coming soon!! i really want to see her. if i can, i'll be going with marelynn and a couple of other friends in austin.

i guess that's all for now, i'll post more specifically next time, maybe...

Belen [userpic]

end of midterms!

March 13th, 2009 (09:52 am)

current mood: relieved

I'm finally done with my exams, and I got an 85 on my Accounting!!! that's a 30- point increase from my last exam. :/ But i'm sure i'll be bringing that grade up by the end of the semester. Also, I got a new job at Catherine Malandrino, which is a shop from an NY designer, and I'll be getting paid more, yay!

Also... I just bought my tickets to see Neko Case on the 31st at Stubbs, I'll be going with April, since we both like her a lot. Should be an amazing show. I need to get her new album soon...

A couple of my friends here in San Marcos are wanting to start their own business in bridal gowns, and they want me to be a part of it. I said I'd love to, it would be so much fun to work with friends on a creative project and plan for shows, events and business/buying conferences! I don't know how much time i'll have for this, but i'll try my best to make things happen...

i guess that's it for now.. i've been working out almost everyday at the gym here on campus, so hopefully i'll keep at it, especially since it's free.

i'll be posting some pictures soon of the family reunion we had recently in Houston, haven't had time to do anything except study this week.



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